We who look with open eyes and hear with open ears recognize that the horrors prophesied in the revelation given to John are here. Endless, mindless preaching has created millions of believers, lukewarm and comfortable in the world.

We recognize that greed is ruining the world. (Why didn’t God warn us?!?)

We recognize that the ‘business suit’ is the uniform of greedy, selfish people • ‘Investment’ is usury • ‘Corporate profit’ is usury against its workers • Owning Money isn’t work • If you refuse to work you shouldn’t get to eat

If you like it here, you are doing this whole ‘Jesus Thing’ wrong

A friend of the world is an enemy to God • If you love the world you cannot love God • The world is run by demons

God is REAL. Like really and actually real. ‘Scary Real’ you might say. So REAL that I am perfectly willing go up against the whole world, solo and vocationally hostile; To say weird stuff and do weird stuff in my attempts to tickle Gods funny, and to make Him like me. @jasonybird


We recognize some basic facts about The Big Guy

God is real • Jesus is the Christ • Jesus preached poverty on earth • If you are anti-poor you are anti-Christ


Billy Graham won evangelism in the 70’s

The whole world has been evangelized • Modern evangelism is about creating believers • Jesus commanded us to create disciples

Quality over Quantity

Okay, so we have grown the tree of Christs’ Church to unimagined heights’. Billions of people call themselves Christian… and mostly they fucking suck at it.

We recognize the need for rough men, moral, and willing to die for righteousness sake.



The ‘Trinity’ as such

Inviting Jesus into your heart

Once save always saved