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Suicide – Shawndy

๐ŸŽค New Music Video Alert! ๐ŸŽค Hey everyone! Weโ€™ve got an awesome new music video from Shawndy that you donโ€™t want to miss! In his latest song, “Suicide,” performed on…

Owning money isn't work

if you won't work, you shouldn't eat

If you are anti-poor then you are anti-Christ. You are the enemy.

Why is your profit more important than the well-being of literally all the other people?

I have nothing against profit, but this is obscene and disgusting.

Only demons would set this beast into motion, and only weak soul-less suckers would go along with it quietly.

I would submit to you Brothers and Sisters in Christ, that no person indwelt by the Holy Spirit can go along with this and feel okay.


No, not really.

The rainbow is a Christian symbol representing life, hope, and Gods love for us. Also it represents Gods hate for perverts, mean people and giants.

This is not the first time nasty people started celebrating their selfish perversions. Last time God was like ‘Huak Tuh’ and flooded the whole world. I have this book about it, here is a link.

The nasties are ruining everything for everyone, but noone wants to tell them. They’re mean and vicious, quick to attack while screaming ‘ouch stop hurting me’. They are surprisingly well organized considering their central ideology is ‘butt stuff’.