Tuesday, May 21st 2024


If you are anti-poor, you are anti-Christ.
And I am anti-you.

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jasonybird, the Worlds Greatest Detective for Jesus.

jasonybird, the Sherrif of Jesus-town.

Hey Mom, did you give Keith 4 Million Dollars?

Because somebody gave Keith 4 million buckaroos.

He was doing that prison ministry, and then was involved with Africa stuff, and then someone gave him ’bout 4 milly and he shut everything down, stopped responding to emails and messages.

There is a short list of people and organizations who could afford that, my mom being one of them. Its time-consuming to pull those threads, but I’ll find it. May take a couple of years for recent records to propagate online.

If my suspicions are accurate, that 4 million was ‘hush money’. What’s the big secret? Money obviously. I guarantee money is at the center of most evil actions, sexual gratification being a close second.