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Christ Node

Key Features of ChristNode:

  • Self-Contained: Everything you need is in one place. ChristNode can be set up on a single machine or server without needing a complicated setup or a large budget. Simple, streamlined, and cost-effective.
  • Secure: Your content and data are protected with robust security measures. Sharing Christian content online often invites attacks, so security is crucial.
  • Decentralized: Operate independently without relying on centralized servers. You can move your self-hosted ChristNode to a new location, plug it into a new internet connection, and it will work immediately without needing reconfiguration.
  • Federated: Choose whether to connect and share with other ChristNode instances. Share with other congregations and ministries, or keep your content private.
  • Open-Source: Transparent and customizable to fit your needs. Open-source software has many benefits, including community-driven improvements, greater flexibility, no licensing fees, and enhanced security through transparency.

ChristNode: Empowering Your Church or Ministry in the Digital Age

What ChristNode Can Do Now:

  • Central Media Hub: A unified location to upload, manage, and distribute your media and content.
  • 4K Video Hosting: High-quality video hosting, similar to YouTube, but within your control.
  • Live Streaming: Broadcast live events and sermons seamlessly on your sites and pages, hosted on your own servers, without relying on third-party services like Zoom.
  • Automated Social Media Publishing: Automatically schedule and share your content across more than 20 social media platforms.

Goals of ChristNode:

  • Global Reach: Equip you with the tools and support to extend your message to a national or global audience.
  • Content Ownership: Help you publish online while retaining full ownership of your content.
  • Uncensorable Platform: Ensure your content remains accessible and free from censorship.

With ChristNode, you can create your own intranet—a controlled and moderated space for your congregation that avoids the pitfalls of the broader internet.

Hosting Options:

  • On-Premises: Host ChristNode on a moderately powerful computer within your premises. For example, an 8th Gen Intel NUC costing around $600-800 can serve dozens of users concurrently when behind a fiber connection. If fiber is not available, a VPS is recommended.
  • Partnered Server Provider: We have teamed up with a free-speech-oriented server provider for off-premises ChristNode instances. Hosting costs start at around $300 per year.

The Potential of ChristNode:

With enough ChristNodes, we can create a Christian Internet—a space that promotes the divine and removes the gross. Being decentralized means you can contribute your content to the overall pool but pick and choose which content is presented to your congregation. With enough ChristNodes, we could ensure free speech and evangelism for everyone, everywhere, even in countries that censor and persecute Christians.

Roadmap for the Future:

  • Single Sign-On: Simplified access for users across multiple services.
  • File Sharing and Collaboration: Easy document sharing and teamwork tools.
  • Redundancy and Replication: Ensure zero downtime with robust backup and replication strategies.
  • ChristNode Crusader Edition: Host and broadcast Christian content from places where it is dangerous to do so, with everything behind a VPN or TOR.

ChristNode is designed to empower Christian Churches, Ministries, and individuals to share the Good News effectively in today’s digital landscape. is ChristNode . Everything we’ve achieved on the Christ Peer-to-Peer platform can be replicated for your church or ministry. Whether it’s secure and decentralized media hosting, live streaming, or automated social media publishing, ChristNode has you covered. Explore the possibilities and take control of your digital outreach today!